Planned Giving


Your support is appreciated.  Please make checks payable to: The John C. Hart Memorial Library Trustees’ Gift Fund

 Fill out the   Donation Form    so that we may acknowledge your gift appropriately.


Why you should Consider the Library in your will:

  • The library began when Catherine Dresser left the original house and surrounding acreage to the Town of Yorktown for us as a public library in 1918. She had inherited from her father, John Coleridge Hart. This first bequest has resulted in 100 years of library service to the Town of Yorktown. Your bequest will help that legacy continue.
  • Since 1920 the library has served a growing population. Expansions in 1970, 1990 and the 2012 renovation of the children’s room could not have happened without private donations.
  • Over the years you and your family may have enjoyed free library programs and borrowing materials for entertainment and education.
  • A bequest can be contingent on money that remains after you and your family is proved for.


Different Ways To Give:

  • Specific Request
    • A specific bequest is a gift of a particular dollar amount or property. For example: I bequeath (dollar amount or description of personal property) to The John C. Hart Memorial Library Trustees’ Gift Fund.
  • Residuary Bequest
    • The most common and simple to designate, a residuary bequest is a gift of all or part of the property remaining in your estate after debts, expenses and specific bequests have been paid. You control what percentage of your estate is given to an individual or charity. This method automatically adjusts the size of your bequest according to the value of your estate. In the event of unexpected changes in the size of your estate value, you can have peace of mind that your intentions will be fulfilled without the estate running out of assets to distribute. For example: I bequeath (_%) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my property, both real and personal, to The John C. Hart Memorial Library Trustees’ Gift Fund.
  • Contingent Bequests
    • A contingent bequest is a gift which takes effect only if the primary beneficiaries of the bequest should predecease you. For example: If neither my spouse nor any descendant of mine survives me, then I give, bequeath and devise all the rest, residue, and remainder of (property or account) [insert organizations you wish to help sustain through your bequest].


Information for the Attorney Drafting Your Bequest:

The full legal name of the Library is:

The John C. Hart Memorial Library, Trustees’ Gift Fund.

The Library’s legal address is:

1130 East Main St., Shrub Oak NY 10588

The Library’s Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) is:


Gifts to the Library are not subject to estate tax. Consult with your attorney or other advisors to make sure that the gift you choose makes sense as part of your overall plan.