Learn the Internet

The very beginning….

Mousing Around Practice Games
Practice your mousing skills with these links to online games from the Palm Beach County Library System.

Learn to Type Online
Use this free typing tutorial to improve your keyboarding skills.

Visibone Touch Typing Tutor
Another online tutorial – fewer written directions, good for visual learners.

More Computer Skills Tutorials

Basic Internet

Internet 101
All the basics explained.

Navigating a Website
Learn how to move around a website to find information.

Internet Explorer
All about this browser, featuring Internet Explorer versions 8 and 11

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

RSS Feeds: a tutorial
Think of RSS as your own personal wire service.

How to Print a Web Page

How to Use Windows and Tabs
Using windows and tabs make it easy to view multiple web sites while you’re online.

Avoid Scams
Learn how to avoid scams from OnGuardOnline.gov; this site also deals with other Internet safety issues, including how to secure your computer and keeping children and teens safe online. Visit the Video and Media page for short videos on a variety of Internet saftety topics.

Internet Safety
Learn the basics of Internet safety from GCFLearnfree.org

How to Create a Strong Password

Internet Searching

Search Engines & Strategies
This is the part of Internet 101 that focuses on doing a basic Google search.

Google Search Tips

Finding Information on the Internet
Here are materials librarians at the University of California use to teach Freshmen how to do research. Scroll down the page to look at their presentations and handouts, including a detailed guide to evaluating websites.

Online Shopping
comparison shopping sites, product reviews, online tutorials and safe shopping tips.

Online Job Searching
a basic guide to getting started with your online job search, including how to avoid scams.

Searching for Health
some websites and online tutorials to help you find reliable health information online.

Travel Information on the Internet
get started searching for airfares and planning your vacation.