Automatic Renewals- FAQ

Automatic Renewals are now active at John C. Hart Memorial Library

Starting August 1st, 2018 items checked out from our library that are eligible to renew will automatically renew without you (the patron) having to remember to renew.

Why has the library opted for automatic renewals?

People often contact us because something unexpected has kept them from returning their books on time.  When we were offered the option to automatically renew it seemed like a nice thing to do for busy families, those who don’t drive in bad weather, or for patrons who need a few more days to finish that booka way to make things a little easier for our library users.

What is an automatic renewal?

Physical items checked out from the Library now renew automatically.

Which Library items automatically renew?

Most physical items checked out from the Library (books, audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs) are eligible for auto-renewals.

Which Library items DO NOT automatically renew?

The following are not eligible for auto-renewal:

  • Items that have reached their renewal limit
  • Items someone else has requested to borrow (items with a hold)
  • Downloadable and streaming materials (eBooks, eMagazines, eMovies, etc.)
  • Express items

What if I still want to renew eligible items myself in My Account?

You can still renew your items yourself—there are currently no changes to the manual renewal system in My Account > My Checkouts —but there’s no longer any need to.

How can I send a comment to the Library about the auto-renewal system?

We welcome your feedback! Please email us at to send us a comment or question.

How will I know if my item is automatically renewed?

Auto-renewal notices are automatically sent via email. If you’ve provided an email address in My Account > Personal Information, you should be receiving notifications. If you’re not for some reason, please contact the Library

Will I still be notified when items NOT eligible for renewal are almost due?

Yes. Look for notification of these items as you normally would.