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Mission Statement

The goal of the John C. Hart Memorial Library is to serve the community by providing a center for intellectual, personal, and cultural enrichment for the people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Hart Library provides books and a variety of other media, as well as technological resources and programs for the purpose of broadening educational background and experience, providing pleasure, satisfying informational, cultural and recreational needs, and developing a taste for and enjoyment of reading.

As part of its goal, the Hart Library embraces technological resources and development to further enhance traditional library resources, to better meet the evolving needs of the community.

Through the Westchester Library System, the Hart Library provides its patrons access to material and sources outside the Hart’s collections. In addition to being an active participant in the Westchester Library System, the Hart Library is actively involved with community institutions, organizations and individuals in pursuit of these goals.

To achieve the above objectives, the Library will adhere to the following specific practices:

  1. Endorse the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association and the Freedom to Read Statement, the Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records and the Statement on Professional Ethics, copies of which follow.

  2. Maintain communication with the Yorktown Town Board

  3. Hold membership in the Westchester Library System

  4. Cooperate with and support the Friends of the Library

Extend services through

  • The continuing improvement of library services
  • Expansion of the reference collection and service, when and if appropriate
  • Inter-library loan and/or reservation for materials not immediately available
  • Library service to shut-ins
  • Bibliographies and collections for individuals and groups with special needs or interests
  • Summer reading programs
  • Classroom visits
  • Use of audio-visual media

Improve public relations by

  • Maintaining helpful and courteous relations with library members
  • Liaison with school and other libraries in the community
  • Participation in selected civic organizations
  • Conducting effective communication with the public by
    • Use of bulletin boards
    • Use of radio and television for special services
    • Releases to the press
    • Publishing schedules, specials announcement, calendars of events, etc.
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