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Computer Basics:

Getting Started on the Computer
this 15 minute class from DigitalLearn.org will guide you through the basics, beginning with "what is a computer" and introducing you to the mouse, keyboard and ports.

New Computer User Tutorial
If you've never touched a computer before, start with this tutorial from TLN Technology Committee in English or en Español.

Basic Computer Terminology
a pictorial glossary from the Lockhart Public Library.

Using a PC (Windows 7)
This DigitalLearn.org tutorial introduces the desktop, files and folders.

Computer Tutorial for Beginners
learn basic mouse and keyboarding skills, hint: in the United Kingdom a full stop is a period.

Computer Basics
this tutorial is designed to get you started with your home computer and is one of many free and easy to use tutorials from GFCLearnFree.org.

How to Copy and Paste
view this short video to learn one of the biggest time saving functions available on your computer. practice here

Typing Web
typing lessons for beginners and for those who want to build accuracy and speed. Create a log in if you want to track your progress, or close the log-in screen and begin.

Using Microsoft Windows
a basic overview of Windows 7, XP & 98 from GCFLearnfree.org.

Introduction to Windows 8
an online tutorial from GCF Learnfree to help you adapt to Microsoft's latest version of Windows.

Using a Mac
get started with an Apple Computer using the OS X operating system using this tutorial from Digitallearn.org.

For more tutorials, check out these two sites:

GCF LearnFree
a program of Goodwill, GCF Learning has been creating free online tutorials for over a decade. See what they offer.

Digital Literacy Resources
Initiated by the federal government, this site links to a wealth of material. Two examples: Learning social media for job networking, Setting up Skype.

as well as our website:

Computer Skills

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